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Back Testing a Trading Strategy

Back Testing a Trading Strategy

Back testing a trading strategy is the process of going back on the history of price charts and applying a trading strategy in hindsight to establish whether or not that strategy is profitable, based on historical performance. Generally, within the financial markets, patterns repeat themselves. So capitalising on these patterns, such as trends, can be […]

Why I paid £13,500 for my trading education...

I Spent £13,500 on Trading Courses & Mentors, Was it Worth It?

I’m a big believer in having a mentor in many aspect of life, especially in business and therefore trading. Over the years I’ve spent £13,500 on trading courses and mentors. In this article I want to reflect on that education expense and conclude whether it was actually all worth it or not. Education in the […]

When do I sell my stocks?

When do I Sell My Stocks

A question often asked by investors and traders: when do I sell my stocks? Trading is slightly different to long term investing because usually investing is not leveraged, whereas trading often is. Because of this it’s necessary to position size and set a stop loss with trading, so that too much money is not lost […]

My Swing Trading Portfolio

My Swing Trading Portfolio

Starting this year I plan on being transparent with my current investments. In this article I’ll share what I’m holding in my current swing trading portfolio and how they’re performing. My swing trading strategy enters trending instruments on pullbacks. It utilises a simple scaling in technique and uses a relatively tight trailing stop loss to […]

Backtested equity curve

Would You Trade this Strategy?

I was recently having a conversation with a newbie trader about my strategy’s win rate. I was explaining what I expect from my strategy in terms of statistics and probabilities. This trader was shocked that I actually lose more trades than I win. “How can you be net positive if you lose more than you […]

A Simple Formula for Compounding Profits

The exponential power of compound interest is an important aspect of creating wealth. In this article, I’ll be explaining how to use a different type of compounding (also known as scaling in) to increase your position sizing for greater returns without increasing your risk. Let Your Winners Run, Cut Your losers Short As the saying […]

S&P 500 Analysis – Are we Bullish or Bearish?

It’s been a fairly volatile few weeks for US equities, with little rhyme or reason to price action. In this article I want to give my perspective on US stocks and how I’m approaching this current market. Are we looking bullish or bearish? A Bullish Monthly Time Frame Looking above we can see that the […]

Trading Psychology Nobody Talks About

It’s true what they say… trading success is more about mindset and trading psychology than actual knowledge and strategy. In this article I’ll dive into some of the lesser known (and incredibly important) aspect of psychology in trading. Commonly Known Psychological Obstacles Any trader that experiences any level of success will implement the following aspect […]

Is Your Win Rate Really That Important?

I see so many traders rely too heavily on their trading strategy win rate. They believe that is the most important aspect of their strategy. In this article I aim to explain some other strategy statistics that are more important than win rate. Don’t Follow the Crowd Unfortunately, retail trading has a dismally low success […]

Why I stopped day trading, and why you probably should too...

Why I Stopped Day Trading

When I was first introduced to trading, there wasn’t the abundance of scams, charlatans and quick rish promises that there are today. However it was day trading that first caught my attention. In this article, I’ll explain why I stopped day trading for a far superior trading method. My First Year After finding loads of […]